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September 22, 2010

A Glimpse Into My Processing

When I leave a session, my work has just started. On average, I spend about three hours working on your photos. Sometimes less, sometimes more, but usually at least that long. Each and every photo is processed by me. I use a combination of third-party actions, actions I have made and Photoshop curves, vignette, levels, etc.

Below is a before and after example. On the left is an SOOC (straight out of camera) photo, and on the right is the same photo, after processing. Here’s what I did: TRA Oh Snap action (opacity about 60 percent since the photo is already fairly bright), a skin smooth and eye pop, played with curves and a vignette.

The setting of this photo was in a hallway with light coming in from the right right directly on her face. I loved the photo before, but after processing I love, love, love it!



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The Luckiest Mom in the WORLD said...

Holy smokes, I love her eyes and how the pop in the second one!