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January 02, 2011

Day One & Two - Project 365. And Happy New Year!

I've decided to do it -- 365 days of photos. You know, cause I have so much free time! This will be a very random assortment of photos -- something from my daily life, something from a location I was at with clients, something that caught my eye. They won't always be processed, or have the best composition, or even be with my "real" camera. The idea is to get me to think outside the box. To play with different angles and to pay attention to the world around me. I will try to post daily, but lets be honest, it might only be once a week! Ready.set.goooooo!

You can read about Project 365 here: http://365project.org

Day 1: Tubby time with the little Shelton.

Day 2: My appendage and I.

I'm back on the working wagon tomorrow! Getting caught up with client work, blogging and working on a ton of fun things for 2011!!

Happy New Year!


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