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April 05, 2011

The Most Adorable Family Alive...{Seattle Family Photographer}

B told me she wasn't going to do any maternity photos this time around and I was actually pretty surprised. Someone as gorgeous as her HAS to do them, right? I asked her a couple different times, but it was still a no. People kept asking me when they would see her cute bump grace the blog, and I had to keep saying it wasn't going to happen. THEN...I saw her a few weeks ago and was finally able to convince her that she HAD to do them and we were able to keep the shoot a secret as a surprise to all who asked!!

Behold...the beautiful M family! Stay tuned for birth and newborn photos, too! :)


1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Okay...Justine, I am constantly blown away by your ability to capture the perfect moments...but this shoot gives me goosebumps! Not only should Brianne be a maternity model, but the 3 (well, 4) of them are just too darn cute for words!!

Another incredible job.... You totally rock! I am so so so glad you convinced her to do pics...I've been harrassing her for months, trying to talk her into it ;-)