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June 29, 2011

Photo Of The Month - April 2011

So, so late. I've never been this behind on Photo Of The Month before...yikes! I will be catching up on this over the next couple weeks. :)

Anyway, here are my choices for April!

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June 25, 2011

N Is Two! {Everett Family Photographer}

This shoot took place on N's actual 2nd birthday, so I thought I would make the post MOSTLY about him. He does have some seriously cute siblings, though...I couldn't help it. :)

Thanks so much, G family! You guys are SO fun!

Happy 2nd Birthday, N!! 


June 22, 2011

Anna's Birth Day... {Everett Family Photographer}

Monday evening brought me my new favorite girl, Anna. She's beautiful. Totally, 100 percent pure gorgeous baby. I love her so much already!

Her birth was a whirlwind...labor totaled 1.5 hours. Yes, you read that right. In fact, I wasn't even there for her entrance into the world. I got the call that Mom's water broke at 8:28, and Anna was here at 9:12. When Dad called me back, I fully expected "Hey...we're here and she's at a three. Come on down!" Instead I heard "We had to call an ambulance, she's already here!" She doesn't mess around, this sweet girl.

Anna is currently spending some time in the NICU and could use all your good thoughts and prayers, so please send them.

Love you all, M family - congratulations on your precious little girl!

Keri, Anna and myself. Photo courtesy of Jeff. :)