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May 03, 2012

Case and Xio. {Everett Engagement Photographer}

I love this session. L-O-V-E. Engagements are my faaaaavorite thing to photograph - such a different thing for me.

These two people are nothing short of totally fantastic. Casey has been a good (amazing) friend of my husband and I for many, many years. He was in our wedding, he's there for every birthday, every celebration, he's Godfather to our little girl and is SO good to her. Just the other day, out of no where, Isabelle said "I miss my Uncle Casey"...melt.

There are not a lot of guys like Casey...he's just so damn...genuine. I can't think of word that better describes him. He has always been there for us when it's most important and he's one of those guys you can count on. The guy you call because you KNOW he will show up...and not complain. How many times has he helped us move now? 5? It's all the little things that makes for a great person.

And now, he has Xiomara...someone who compliments him perfectly. A girl just as genuine. I can't think of a time when Casey has been happier. It's been so fun to watch their relationship grow and to be "in the know" when he was about the pop the question. To say I'm excited to celebrate with these two in February is a huge understatement. It's one of those weddings I'm REALLY pumped to go to...plus it's in Florida...bonus!

Case and Xio...I love you guys. I hope it shows in your images


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1 comment:

Krystal said...

LOVE the photos! LOVE the couple too! Can't wait for February! xo